What We Do

Our business is focused on the study of solutions capable of fulfil the varied requirements of the market. Our “Made in Italy” business aims to meet the expectations of our customers, thanks to research & development, design, and customization of the product most suited to their expectations.

We offer technical support in our laboratories or at the customer’s site, to share the most suitable solutions to their needs.

When required, we can also serve as a liaison with the Certification Bodies for the final product, planning its industrialization and production.

research & development

The DOA (Design of Experiment) procedure that MA-VIB uses for research and development in the field of electromechanical and electronic technology allows us to create and experiment with next-generation industrial technologies.


Our CFD System and HPC Calculation Cluster allow us to simulate the fluid dynamics and performance of each fan (flow rate m3/h, W in – W out, aeroacoustic noise). Thanks to parametric CAD, we can generate dozens or hundreds of geometric variations, obtaining the relative performance for each one.


MA-VIB offers the possibility of complete customization of motors to the technical specifications of each individual customer.