For over 60 years, MA-VIB has been a leader in the production of electric motors.

This long and fruitful journey, together with the collaboration of our customers, allows us to offer superior quality, capable of meeting the most varied needs in the refrigeration, air Conditioning and heating sectors, and in numerous industrial and catering applications.

Our Production Facilities



Our range of high efficiency energy saving motors and fans allows 60 / 70% energy saving compared with traditional motors, in full respect of the goals of environmental safeguarding. Ideal for refrigerated cabinets in supermarkets and in refrigerated display cases, they can be with diameter from 154mm to 350mm.

Our range of traditional motors and fans is used for the exchange of hot and cold air in all types of devices. They have excellent efficiency and their long operational life is proven. MA-VIB offers this type of fans with diameters from 96mm to 500mm.

Our range of traditional compact axial fans and energy saving versions, offers good air flow with reduced size. They are squared compact fans with dimensions from 80x80x25mm to 172x162x51mm.

Our range of cross-flow fans, energy saving and traditional versions, is ideal in all those applications where a fan is needed with reduced height and high air flow while maintaining low noise. MA-VIB offers the possibility to choose fans with diameters of 60 and 80 mm and lengths from 120 mm to 500 mm.

Our range of centrifugal fans, energy saving and traditional versions, is used in a wide range of applications, where there is a ventilation requirement, in the branches of refrigeration, heating, domestic and industrial air conditioning. The dimensions vary in diameter from 100 to 440 mm and lengths from 25 to 440 mm.

MA-VIB is also a producer of a wide range of accompanying accessories such as fan blades, rings, brackets and fan guards.